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August 26 2009
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Aristotle News Demo
August 10 2009
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Welcome to Aristotle's Open Source CMS demo site.  This site will give you an overview of the specific options offered by this CMS.  To access the CMS (content management system) please click here.  Please contact your representative with Aristotle to obtain log in details.  Through the CMS you can add, delete or edit any text on any page of the site.  You also have the ability to upload files through the CMS.  These files can be images or pdf and word documents.

The CMS features several modules that can be added fairly simply to your web site.  This demo includes the following (click the links to view the pages using the specified feature):

  1. News & Events
  2. Blog
  3. Calendar Of Events
  4. Custom Form Builder
  5. Photo Gallery
  6. Youtube Video Gallery
  7. Staff Listings
  8. Members Only Section
  9. Traditional Web Forum

The use of this CMS does not limit the design abilities of your web site.  The CMS can handle any custom website design implementation.  In other words, you don't have to adjust your design to fit the CMS, the CMS will conform to your website design. 

If your site is going to be something simple and you just want the ability to edit pages, or if your needs are more robust, this CMS can be set up to meet your specific needs.


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